Q:  Where can I view my booking?

Your booking information will be available in “My account”–“My orders”. Here, you may access following details: air carrier; your itinerary; flight numbers per segment; duration of flight; price; passenger, customer, and merchant details; additional services.

Q:  How far in advance can I book a flight ticket?

You can book your ticket online as early as 10–11 months before departure date; however, this may depend on the airline.

Q:  How can I book a ticket from a mobile device?

You may book and pay for flight tickets from mobile devices. The only thing you need to do is to download a corresponding application on your smartphone or tablet: Install the iOS mobile application Install the Android mobile application It is very easy to buy a flight ticket from the application: start search; choose the desired flight; register/log in; enter passenger details; enter credit/debit card details and proceed to payment.

Q:  What payment methods can I use to pay for my booking?

The Tickets.org.in site offers a number of methods to pay for your flight tickets: debit/credit card of Visa/MasterCard payment system; PayU Money; PayPal; WebMoney payment system; bank transfer; wire transfer (for corporate clients).

Q:  Why is there a need in anti-fraud payment verification?

The safety of online payments on the TICKETS site is ensured by the functioning of various systems at each level and stage of transfer of your credit card information. On their part, the international payment systems Visa and MasterCard are constantly developing and updating the standards of payment card security which are mandatory for all sites that accept online payments.

The anti-fraud verification is a complex system of actions by different banks which allows detecting online payment fraud. There exist several standard reasons why the bank may deem your transaction suspicious and request confirmation: Payment is made not from the country in which your card was issued; Your card is blacklisted by the anti-fraud systems; The payment system denies cards issued in certain Asian, African, Latin American, and other countries where maximum number of bank card risks and crimes is detected.

Q:  Is it possible to save my booking without payment?

After booking, you have 12 hours to complete your payment during booking on our website. If payment has not been made within this period, your booking won’t be confirmed. Please note that the airline company has right to cancel any unticketed booking at any time and without prior notice, regardless of any other previously advised ticketing deadlines.

Q:  Can I change date or itinerary in my booking?

Yes. But please note that changeable are only the flights of that airline which is mentioned in your ticket; date and itinerary may be changed not in every ticket. For changes, if applicable, additional charge may be billed. For more details, please refer to the fare rules or contact the Support Team.

To make changes in your booking, please: Log into the site and enter “My account”–”My orders”–”Airline tickets”–”Booking #”–”Booking management”–”Change date/itinerary”; Enter the desired dates and/or route Leave a comment for our Support Team if your wish to add additional information to your request; Click on “Send request.” Your request will be processed within 72 hours. A reply to your request, as well as information on the conditions of changes (if applicable), will be included in comment to your request and emailed to you. The ticket will only be changed after your confirmation via “My account”–”My orders”–”Airline tickets”–”Booking #”–”Booking management”–”Change date/itinerary.”

Q:  What do I need to know when I take a connecting flight?

Before departure, please contact corresponding institutions (visa centers of destination/connection countries) for the: need of a transit visa (depends on the connection airport); possibility to leave the precincts of the airport during connection (depends on your visa); need to take the baggage or its automatic transfer to the next flight (depends on the carrier, duration of connection and other factors); provision of hotel and catering by the airline company during long connections; need to check in during each connection or only a single check-in on the first segment of flight.

Please note that for technical reasons, some airports are closed during certain hours. In that case, you will need a transit (or other) visa of such country. Please look for such information on the airport’s site or at consulates of the corresponding countries.

Q:  How do I enter passenger information when creating a booking?

When creating a booking, you need to enter data from a document, which you are going to use to take a flight (international passport, internal passport, birth certificate, etc.). If you have an international passport, the last and the first name entered into the corresponding fields have to coincide with those specified in the document. If you only have an internal passport, the last and the first name need to be entered in accordance with the rules of transliteration. We suggest using special transliteration websites that translate Cyrillic letters into Latin ones. Letters in the series of an internal passport or a birth certificate are entered in the “Document no.” field using Latin letters. If there is a letter for which there isn’t a similar letter in the Latin alphabet, use the one that sounds similarly. Roman numbers and symbol “№” are entered using the Latin alphabet (№=N).

Please note! When booking internal Aeroflot flights within Russia, you need to enter your patronymic (if you have one) along with your first and last name. The field “Patronymic” is filled out in accordance with the rules of transliteration. The fields for the first and the last name are intended for 60 characters only. Characters that exceed the limit will be automatically erased.

Q:  Can I change or correct my name or sex in my ticket?

Normally, flight ticket can’t be transferred to another person. If the name and sex in your ticket are not identical to the ones in your ID, you may send us a request to correct the details. Please note that even minor corrections of name may be prohibited or allowed for a certain fee depending on the airline’s rules.

To send a name correction request, please: Log into the site and enter “My account”–”My orders”–”Airline tickets”–”Booking #”–”Booking management”–”Change passenger information”; to the request, attach a passport copy of the passenger who needs changes; leave a comment for our Customer Support if you wish to add additional information to your request. Please note that this procedure may take up to two weeks. Our Support Team will contact you via email as soon as the issue with the airline has been settled.

Q:  How can I correct a mistake in my ticket?

Please note that changes in booking may be charged in accordance with the fare rules and policy of the airline. Before confirmation of booking, please make sure the data are correct: check dates, names, starting points and destinations.

Q:  How can I cancel my booking?

To cancel your booking online: Log into “My Account”–“My Orders”–“Booking Management”–“Ticket Refund”; Select the booking you wish to cancel; Select the passenger/ticket you wish to cancel and choose the reason of cancellation; Attach all the required documents; Click the “Send request.” Your request will be processed within 72 hours. Please note that some fares are non-refundable.

Q:  Low-cost airlines

On the TICKETS site, you may buy flight tickets of low-cost airlines. During purchase of a low-cost ticket, please keep in mind following peculiarities: You may pay for the ticket with a debit/credit card of Visa and MasterCard payment systems. Billing currency depends on the flight’s starting point. Booking reference number approved by the airline is a confirmation of a possibility to take a flight; the e-ticket number is not allocated. Itinerary and first/last name of passenger may not be changed. Paid flight ticket is non-refundable. A checked, and sometimes carry-on, baggage surcharge may apply. You may get familiarized with the airlines’ fare rules during reservation.

Q:  How can I use the bonus card from the airline?

During reservation, please enter your miles card number in the corresponding field. If you have already booked the ticket, please contact the airline directly.

Q:  Can I select a seat on the plane?

For some airlines, you can check in online 24 hours prior to departure but no later than 2 hours before take-off. You can сheck in online and select a seat via our Customer Support.

Q:  Will I have an in-flight meal?

Most of airlines offer meals on their long haul flights and try to cut their expenses for short term flights. To make sure if you will have meals please contact our Customer Support.

Q:  Can I select a special meal?

You can order special meal for your flight during booking or as late as 48 hours before departure. Special meal offer may vary for each airline. Nevertheless, special meals cannot be guaranteed, as some of the meal types may not be available. You don’t need to pay additional fee for special meal.

Please contact our Customer Support to order special meal. We will send your request to the airline.

Q:  How to check in for the flight?

Usually check-in begins 2-4 hours before scheduled departure and closes 40-60 minutes before scheduled departure. However, at some airports check-in for international flights begins 4 hours before scheduled departure and closes 1 hour before scheduled departure. Please note if you are late for check-in, your booking may be canceled.

Q:  How can I check in for the flight online?

You will need your airline confirmation code (PNR number) or e-ticket number. You should simply go to the airlines webpage, choose the option “Online Check-In” and access your booking using the airline confirmation booking reference number and your last name.

Please note that most airlines allow you to check in online 24 hours before the scheduled departure. Please be aware that you cannot check your baggage online.

Q:  What may not be transported in the carry-on baggage?

For security reasons, the transportation of liquids in carry-on baggage is restricted. Liquids, spreys,  and gels in carry-on baggage must be shown separately from carry-on baggage at the screening checkpoint. Detailed information on allowed and prohibited items may usually be obtained on the website of the corresponding airport. Before your trip, please check the list of items prohibited from being transported on your airline company’s website.

Q:  How can I get the boarding pass?

You will receive the boarding pass upon check-in. Certain airlines offer an option to print out the ticket by sending it to you upon online registration. Airlines sometimes allow to check in with the boarding pass which was sent to your cell phone via mobile application.

Q:  What if I can’t print out my itinerary receipt or check in for the flight online?

You can still check in at the airport by taking your passport and itinerary receipt with you. In that case, you need to arrive at the airport at least 1–2 hours before your domestic flight and at least 2–4 hours before international flight. Just show your passport at check-in counter.

Q:  How to book carriage of sport equipment?

Please note that airline companies normally charge extra fees for sports equipment, such as golf bags, ski equipment, surf boards, bicycles,  scuba equipment, etc.

Upon reservation, please check in your sport equipment so that the airline knows its volume. To do that, please contact our Support Team and let them know the details of your sport equipment (volume in the Hight x Depth x Width (HxDxW) format and weight in the XX kg format).

Q:  How to find baggage allowance?

You may find your baggage allowance in the itinerary receipt. The signs are based on two concepts of baggage transportation: weight and piece.

  • Weight concept is about weight limitation. In itinerary receipt, it is marked with the signs “K” and “KG.” The figure (0, 10, 20, etc.) shows the number of kilos which passenger may take with him/her free. The weight of baggage may be distributed among several bags provided they don’t exceed the dimensions established by the airline company.
  • Piece concept is about limit for the number of baggage pieces. To this effect, baggage is registered per piece. In itinerary receipt, it is marked with the signs “N,” “PC,” and “P.” The figure (0, 01, 1, 2, etc.) shows the number of standard baggage pieces for for the selected flight. The weight of an item is established by airline company.

If there is, for example, “20K” in the “Baggage” field of your itinerary receipt, you may take baggage of no more than 20 kilos only. If you see the “2N” sign, you may take two pieces of baggage free.

Q:  What is the limit of carry-on baggage?

In most cases, carry-on baggage must not exceed 115 cm (the total of height, width, and depth of the bag) and the weight 10 kg. If the dimensions or weight exceed the limit, you will have to pay the transportation of baggage separately. Please check the limits of your airline in advance, because they may vary for different airline companies.

Q:  What is the checked baggage allowance?

Free baggage allowance depends on the destination of flight and the class of service. Free baggage allowance applies to all passengers, except children under 2 years of age, and in most cases is as follows:20 kg for economy class; 30 kg for business class; 40 kg for the first class.

In the event you exceed the limits of the free baggage allowance, you may be surcharged. Please specify the payment amount by contacting the airline.

Please note that low-cost airlines’ terms of baggage transportation may differ from those of legacy carriers. Normally, checked baggage price is not included in ticket price; this service must be paid for additionally. The terms of carry-on baggage transportation are also stipulated by each airline separately. You may get familiarized with airlines’ fare rules on the payment page during reservation.

Q:  Travel with animals

You may transport animals in the aircraft cabin only after prior confirmation with the airline.

Please note that most airlines allow carriage of cats and dogs. You should check the requirement for carriage of other animals with our Customer Support or make an unpaid booking and send the request for carriage of animals with a detailed description of what animal you need to transport (species of animal, its weight and size of cage). Once we have received a reply from the airline, one of our Customer Support agents will contact you and inform you on the costs of transporting animals. If you accept the costs of transportation, you will need to pay for the booking.

Please note! When you check in at the airport, you must submit all the documents for animals required by veterinary service of the country of destination or transit. To define the list of documents, please contact the corresponding consulate.

Q:  How to buy a ticket for child?

During reservation, please choose the age category of which the child is in order to by a ticket for child: 0–2 years or 2–12 years.   Virtually all the airlines offer concessions for children’s flight tickets: infants (0–2 years)—normally their discount is 90% of standard fare; children (2–12 years)—normally,their discount is 25% of standard fare; for minors over 12 years, the tickets are booked under standard fares.

During reservation, please make sure you entered the child’s age information accurately. The child’s age on the date of flight must correspond to the selected ticket category. One adult can accompany the maximum of four children.

The children’s tickets must be booked at the same time as the adult’s ones. If a child is going to fly unaccompanied, please let our Support Team know of it before booking the ticket. We will then inform you whether it is possible for the selected flight.

Q:  What ticket is required for an infant (0–2 years old)?

During reservation, choose age category of the child: 0–2 years. With one adult, it is allowed to book only one infant ticket. Infants may travel only accompanied by adults. Please note that infants are not provided with a separate seat. If you are flying with two infants, please specify the booking conditions by contacting our Support Team or directly the airline. If you would like to order a cabin crib for the baby, let our Support Team know of it. We will contact the airline and let you know whether it is possible.

Q:  What ticket is required for a child (2–12 years old)?

During reservation, choose age category of the child: 2–12 years. Children’s flight tickets provide a separate seat and provide for a certain baggage allowance (which is usually lower than the one for the standard fare). Please note that free baggage allowance for the child’s ticket may vary. You may check the information on the airline’s site or by contacting our Support Team.

Q:  How can I book a ticket online?

To book a flight ticket, please select: flight type (one-way, round-trip, or multi-city); city of departure and arrival; date of travel; number of passengers. Click on “Search.” From flights on offer, please choose the desired option and click on “Select.” Then enter data of all passengers and proceed to payment.

You may view the booking in section “My account”–”My orders”–”Airline tickets.” We’ll send you an email with your booking information. The confirmation of ticket purchase – an itinerary receipt with the e-ticket number – will be sent to your email address. Booking status in “My account” section will change to “Paid and issued.”

Q:  What does the status of my booking mean?

You may follow the status of your booking in “My account”. Below is the list of statuses which may be given to your reservation.

  • Booked. Pending payment to agency — your booking has been successfully created. The payment is pending.
  • Booked. Pending payment to airline — in this case, the charge is billed by the airline company. The flight tickets will be issued upon issuance authorization by the airline company – within three hours after payment. During issuance, the airline company blocks funds on your payment card. The card is charged within 30 days after blocking of funds (for each ticket separately).
  • Pending issuance — your booking has been paid for. The estimated issuance time is 3 hours after arrival of funds.
  • Payment under confirmation — anti-fraud verification of your card has been initiated. What may trigger anti-fraud verification of your card?
  • Paid and issued — the payment has been completed; the e-ticket issued and sent to your email address together with the itinerary receipt. We wish you a safe trip.
  • Canceled — the ticket which you booked has been canceled. Payment period (12 hours after booking) expired.
  • Canceled by operator — the ticket which you booked has been canceled by the operator. A letter explaining the cancellation reasons will be sent to your email address.
  • Canceled by user — you have canceled the flight ticket booking by yourself. Please note that it’s impossible to restore the booking; you may, however, create a new reservation.
  • Paid after cancellation — your booking was canceled. The system spotted payment after expiry of payment period. We recommend that you contact our Support Team.
  • Under refund — your refund request has been received and is being processed. The estimated time of consideration of your request is 72 hours after its submission. The term of refund depends on the payment method.
  • Refunded — your refund request has been processed, your booking canceled, and the funds returned to the Customer with the same method as the payment was made.
  • Payment unconfirmed — your payment hasn’t been confirmed. Possible reasons are insufficient funds on your account, payment limitations, anti-fraud control failure, or technical issues.
  • Pending confirmation from manager — your payment is being checked.
  • Pending information for refund — we are waiting for additional information from you, which is mandatory for return of your funds to your account. Detailed information is given in the message which was emailed to you.

Please be aware that in the event of unforeseen circumstances, which are not mentioned in this article, you will be contacted our Support Team. To view the current status of your order, update the page in your browser or follow our emails.

Q:  How can I cancel the booking?

To cancel your booking online: Log into “My Account”–“My Orders”–“Booking Management”–“Ticket Refund”; Select the booking you wish to cancel; Select the passenger/ticket you wish to cancel and choose the reason of cancellation; Attach all the required documents; Click the “Send request.” Your request will be processed within 72 hours.

Please note that some fares are non-refundable.